Duct Testing




Did you know that the average duct system in the United States loses 15% - 40% of its system airflow before it ever makes it inside the home? Its true! Think about it - the plumber has had to pass a pressure test for years but never the ductwork. The new code is finally addressing this.

The 2012 North Carolina building code now requires all permitted HVAC systems to undergo a pressure test.

Duct sealing - Duct air leakage test (Section 403.2.2)!

All ducts, air handlers, filter boxes and building cavities used as ducts shall be sealed. Joints and seams shall comply with Part V – Mechanical, Section 603.9 of the North Carolina Residential Code.

Duct tightness shall be verified as follows:

Total duct leakage less than or equal to 6 CFM per 100 ft2 of conditioned floor area served by that system when tested at a pressure differential of 25 Pa across the entire system, including the manufacturer’s air handler enclosure.


Building Performance Engineering, Inc. (BPE) is a certified provider of duct testing services generating leakage data necessary to pass inspection.  Let us help you BUILD IT RIGHT & GET THEM TIGHT!

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