Duct Testing



Did you know that the average duct system in the United States loses 15% – 40% of its system airflow before it ever makes it inside the home? Its true! Think about it – the plumber has had to pass a pressure test for years but never the ductwork. The new code is finally addressing this.

The 2012 North Carolina building code now requires all permitted HVAC systems to undergo a pressure test.

Duct sealingDuct air leakage test (Section 403.2.2)!

All ducts, air handlers, filter boxes and building cavities used as ducts shall be sealed. Joints and seams shall comply with Part V – Mechanical, Section 603.9 of the North Carolina Residential Code.

Duct tightness shall be verified as follows:

Total duct leakage less than or equal to 6 CFM per 100 ft2 of conditioned floor area served by that system when tested at a pressure differential of 25 Pa across the entire system, including the manufacturer’s air handler enclosure.


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