Home Inspection Limitations

The inspection will not be invasive or technically exhaustive, and cannot detect latent conditions or concealed defects such as sewer line back-up or hidden structural damage. The inspection is intended to reduce risk but will not eliminate risk. Since the inspection will be based upon visual observations made during a limited time period, BPE will not be responsible for any condition affecting any system or component which is intermittent and not detectable during the inspection (for example - compromised  insulation seals on windows).  BPE will not light pilot lights, activate the main water, gas or electric systems, energize electrical circuits which are shut off or are otherwise inoperable or operate any system or component which does not respond to normal operating controls.

The following is outside the scope of a home inspection: the compliance or non-compliance with covenants; codes; building permits; zoning; ordinances or statutes; flood plains or seismic risks; the suitability of the property for specialized use; the life expectancy of any component and system; product recalls; cosmetic items; durability; compliance with any conservation or energy standard; efficiency; fitness for purpose; underground plumbing; below grade foundation drainage or water proofing components; presence of safety or laminated glass; future life and/or future performance especially that of foundations; insurability; merchantability; obsolescence; quality and safety of any item inspected; septic systems; wells; cisterns; solar systems whether active or inactive; flammable materials; verifying the calibration or accuracy of all thermostatic controls; determination of the presence of dirt, debris, moisture, or any other potential issues and/or defects within the interior of the non-visible portions of the heating and/or cooling ductwork; wood destroying organisms or insects and non-wood infesting insects such as fleas, cockroaches, bees, mites, ticks, flies, etc. This inspection does not address and are not attended to address the possible presence of or the potential health impact or danger from any potentially harmful substance and/or environmental hazards including but not limited to chinese drywall, asbestos, bacteria, carbon monoxide, lead, noise, mildew, radon, or urea formaldehyde. The appearance of suspected mold and/or fungi may be addressed for the purpose as a sign of moisture and not as a potential health related issue. Unless specifically stated, any opinion in the inspection report pertaining to aforementioned items is to be considered partial and incomplete.

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