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Since 1995, Building Performance Engineering, Inc. (formerly Southface – North Carolina) has provided the High Country with excellent resources for builders, homeowners, and businesses who are interested in becoming more sustainable and energy-efficient. BPE is committed to excellence in the fields of Building Science, green home certifications, performance testing, mechanical design, field training, and consultation. BPE is also a leading Building Performance Institute (BPI) training/testing center and has developed five licensed curriculums that are used all over the United States. BPE constantly strives to provide the resources necessary to create a sustainable Home Performance Contracting market.

Why Choose BPE, Inc.?

Building Performance Engineering, Inc. has been on the forefront of the Building Science/Energy Efficiency movement and has evolved along with the industry over the years. We are not a new start-up interested in capitalizing on the green movement and its ever increasing popularity. All of our staff is trained and up-to-date on current building trends, codes, and technologies used in the industry. BPE has performed hundreds of trainings on high performance construction all over the United States. Let the professionals at Building Performance Engineering take your future projects to the next level with knowledge gained from decades of field experience and technical expertise.

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